American Military
American Military


General John "Black Jack" Pershing
Commander in Chief, American Expeditionary Forces (in Europe)

Patriotic card from the World War One era


Typical American Officer in WW I


The American rifleman
At the top is a notation, "Authorized by censor".   Postmarked in Grand Central Station in New York, it read, "rode 13 hours, arrived at 1:40 PM and am well, Maynard."


U.S. Marines in first hand to hand combat battle with the Germans

American troops marching toward the front in France

Americans loaded down with grenades


This is a French postcard showing American Marines marching in Paris in July of 1919


Monument to the American soldier in WW I in Harrisburg, PA


Morale card provided to soldiers by the "War Department"


American light artillery on maneuvers


American Marines on board an American warship


American "Dreadnaught" warship at full speed


Old Glory at the head of American troops marching in London
Postcard stated it was issued by the "War Department"


American troops arriving in Luxembourg in Nov. 1918


American tank in action on the front
Postcard issued by the "War Department"


American siege gun


American siege gun on the front


American artillery unit and skirmishers


American ambulance


American motorcycle gunners


American coastal gun battery


American machine gun squad


Motorcycle dispatch riders


American soldiers in a gas attack


American motorized armored car