Las Vegas, NV
Las Vegas, NV, Hotels and Motels


Sands Hotel, Las Vegas
Postcard states, "The Sands is world renowned for its headline entertainment, luxurious living accommodations and complete shopping and amusement facilities."


Copa Room at the Sands, Las Vegas
Postmarked in 1955.

Sombrero Motel, Las Vegas
Fully Air Conditioned, 2 minutes south of the Flamingo Hotel


Hotel Flamingo, Las Vegas
Postcard states, "The Hotel Flamingo is the showplace of the nation with beautiful landscaped gardens."


Hotel Flamingo
Rear View


Horseshoe Casino and Hotel Apache, Las Vegas


Thunderbird Hotel
Postcard states, "The Thunderbird is one of the fine luxury resort hotels that has made Las Vegas the hub of the scenic Southwest for the vacationer, tourist and casual traveler."


Dunes Hotel, Las Vegas
Check out that purple car!


The Nevada Biltmore Hotel, Las Vegas
Postcard states it is "Las Vegas' only downtown resort hotel."


Bonanza Lodge and Motel, Las Vegas
Fremont St., postcard states, "30 unit motor lodge with air-conditioned rooms, each with a fully tiled tub and shower bath and telephone."


Royal Autel Motel, Las Vegas
615 S. 5th St., postcard states it is "Air-cooled and electrically heated, five blocks from the main business district, some units with kitchenettes.  Convenient to Boulder Dam, Lake Mead and the Grand Canyon, phone 1243."


Ye Kings Auto Rest, Las Vegas, Nevada
526 South Fifth St, Las Vegas, "all units electric heated and refrigerated air conditioned.  Attached closed garages,
 Phone 255."


El Tovar Auto Court, Las Vegas, Nevada
On U.S. Highway 91

CAL-NEVA AUTO COURT, Las Vegas, Nevada
On U.S. Highway 01

Travelers Auto Court, Las Vegas, NV
1100 Fremont St.

Wittwer Motel, Las Vegas, NV
700 N. Main St., also known as U.S. Highway 91

Sans Souci Court, Las Vegas
On U.S. Highway 91.  See the classic "Woody" station wagon under the sign.  The postcard boasted it was "Air cooled" and one mile south of the City.

Boulder Auto Court, Las Vegas, Nevada


El Cortez Hotel, Las Vegas


Hotel El Rancho Vegas
Postcard states it is a "genuine old West frontier town in the land of sunshine and clear desert air."


Hotel El Rancho Vegas
Poolside view of hotel showing the entrance to the famous Round-Up room.


Hotel Last Frontier, Las Vegas
Ronald Reagan worked here during a break from his career in films.


Hotel Last Frontier in 1949


Sal Sagev Hotel, Las Vegas
Postmarked in 1944, the postcard states,  "Las Vegas is a progressive and friendly city, gateway to Boulder Dam.  The Sal Sagev Hotel has Las Vegas' largest dining room and is air-conditioned throughout."


Sal Sagev Hotel, Las Vegas
Postcard states hotel "has a coffee shop, dining room and a tavern and is completely air-conditioned."


Sal Sagev, (Las Vegas spelled backwards)


The "Rat Pack" at the Sands


Wilbur Clark's Desert Inn, Las Vegas


Wilbur Clark's Desert Inn, Las Vegas


The Painted Desert Room at Wilbur Clark's Desert Inn


MGM Grand Hotel
This was the original location of the MGM Grand in the 1970's.   Postcard states it is a "$100,000,000 fantasy with 2100 rooms and suites.  It featured six restaurants, the Ziegfeld Room, the MGM movie theatre and the Lion's Den lounge."


Mirage Hotel

Royal Nevada Hotel, Las Vegas


Moulin Rouge Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada


Ottilia Villa Motel, Las Vegas, Nevada
Postmarked in 1953, this card states, "Forty attractive, clean, comfortable units with tile baths.  Ten Kitchenette apartments.  Air-cooled in summer, electric heat in winter.  Coffee shop.  Free ice cubes.  Surrounded by the many world famous luxury hotels of Las Vegas.  An ideal place to make your headquarters."

Douglas Avenue, Las Vegas, Nevada


Freemont St., Las Vegas, Nevada
Postcard printed by Boulder Dam Service Bureau


Lone Palm Motel, Las Vegas, Nevada


Fremont St., Las Vegas, Nevada, in 1942


Overland Hotel, Fremont St, Las Vegas, Nevada


Fremont St., Las Vegas, Nevada before the casinos.


Showboat Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada